Talking Talent With Julie Feldman of TMX Finance


“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.” Bill Gates

Below is a conversation with Julie Feldman that we had around talent and recruitment at TMX Finance. Julie is the Senior Director of IT & Executive Recruiting at TMX and has over 20 years of experience in talent, training, and recruitment.

What difficulties have you faced managing recruitment for a company that’s comprised of multiple different brands around the world?

 TMX is currently located stateside only, however we DID move our IT department (250+ staff) from Alpharetta, GA to Carrollton, TX in less than 9 months. We offered 35 relocation packages, the rest were new hires.  Daunting doesn’t begin to describe the trials and tribulations we faced.  We DO have multiple brands, TitleMax, InstaLoan and TitleBucks.  The last two are no longer available for consumers and in their place we have established an on line loan origination product.


Do you have one central theme to your marketing? Or does it change depending on region, brand, or role you’re looking for?

YES to both questionsJ  We offer subprime lending so the demographics is 90% the same, however the reasons customers seek a title loan has varied widely since 2008.


How do you attract and retain the best talent in TMX?

We continually look at our benefits package, sign on bonus, base salary ( we typically pay 20% market rate), continuing education etc.


What problems are you currently facing at TMX regarding talent management?

As in lowering our attrition rate? At the retail level we are still below the national average, at corporate level we are solid.  The marketplace is always changing, the products we offer continually change as well, so skill sets can also change based on what we are offering. We have created a Work Force Planning Department to work closely with C-Level Executives for succession planning, internal promotions and transfers from field to corporate and vice versa. Finding and KEEPING good talent is always a top priority for TMX.


You have seen all different levels of recruitment. Now that you’re a Senior Director, what advice would you give to those young recruiters out there wanting to climb the corporate ladder?

Recruiting is not for everyone, you will recognize 2-3 years “in” if this is truly your passion.  Even as a Senior Director I still produce, there is nothing I expect my team to do that I still don’t do, cold call, post jobs, phone screen, set up interviews, reference checks etc.


What do you believe will be the next big thing in talent management?

I am HOPING less paperwork, I don’t believe in ATS, resumes, job descriptions or references.


What technologies or software are you using right now to make your job easier?

Video Interviewing, LinkedIn. DICE. Networking, and referrals.(the latter has nothing to do with technology, but finding a job isn’t always about what you know, it is about WHO you know!)


Lastly, I see you went to school in Minnesota. What caused you to move down to Georgia? And what do you like best about it?

I graduated from MN and never looked back, I have lived in OH, CO and now in SC (I hop the border every day to work in Savannah, I reside on Hilton Head Island, SC)  I love the beach, tennis, water, being outdoors year round with my family and friends!


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